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Sounds of Classics (formerly the album Solo, released in 2002) is a  complete ballet class with 30 tracks of classical music. Music by Verdi, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, and Minkus (among others) is arranged in square phrases with even tempos.  Pieces include variations from Balanchine’s “Donizetti Variations” and Tchaikovsky’s haunting “Barcarolle” from “The  Seasons” (used in the ballet “Eugene Onegin”). Other pieces come from  “Le Corsaire”, “Fille ma Gardee”, “Rendezvous”, and “Le Corsaire”. Also  included are ballet variations from Verdi’s operas “I Vespri Siciliani”  and “Jerusalem”. 4 long tracks for pirouette exercises can accommodate many groups of dancers. A Polonaise is chosen for Petit Allegro for those who prefer rhythmic diversity. The melodies chosen here are not  those normally heard on ballet class recordings; they are chosen for  their freshness. For accompaniment at a conservatory level played with  rhythmic variety to develop stronger musicality, Sounds of  Classics will be an excellent addition to your CD library!

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