These companies rely on Balletrax and Steven Mitchell’s well crafted music – please check out these organizations who partner with Balletrax.

Dancio provides on demand class with global caliber teachers of ballet, contemporary, modern, and improvisation, available on demand or through a self serve platform for booking live instruction. Now you can take class anytime, anyplace!

Regional Dance America is a national association of pre-professional dance companies whose mission is elevating the future of dance in America – giving dancers experience and directors perspective.

IDA offers performance-based ballet and tap curricula. Every student learns and performs choreographed exercises, as well as a solo dance or variation. This program can be easily incorporated into a class plan and complements existing dance training techniques. IDA commissioned Steven Mitchell to create our original music.

Bringing the Broadway Dance Center experience to you anytime, anywhere. Unlimited Streaming, all styles and levels of dance. New videos added monthly! Subscribe today.

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