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Along with my book for pianists, “Opera for Ballet”, I recorded 30 tracks of beautiful opera melodies for ballet barre and centre.  From rich adagios, sensual tangos, and long tracks for center exercises, this album will be a “go to” for your ballet classes!

I have been working for the Metropolitan Opera in New York City as the ballet rehearsal pianist since 2013.  I play ballet class daily for the dancers before they begin their rehearsals.  Here I am surrounded by high art on a daily basis.  And how lucky I am to have access to the music library!  I have have had a fine line up of teachers for our classes, and here I’d like to thank each one of them for their inspiration and beautiful classes.  They have each had an impact on the melodies and the styles I chose for this album.  We always have a good time.  Thanks go to Linda Gelinas, Lupe Serrano, Lisa Lockwood, Marina Stavitskaya, Craig Salstein, Nina Goldman, Charla Genn, and of course Joe Fritz and Andrew Robinson.  Opera melodies are the most exquisite and luxurious.

If you aren’t familiar with this idiom, I welcome you to a new level of insight.  I hope you enjoy working to this music as much as I enjoy playing it.  Thanks to my dear friend, the late Whit Kellogg, for inviting me to be a part of the Metropolitan Opera, and for bequeathing his 30-year tenured position to me.  Thank you, Whit.

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