My first blog on my new website…this is exciting! A lot has changed in the past year since I was sent home from the Metropolitan Opera on Thursday morning, March 12, 2020. The show that night was canceled, as well as my rehearsals. The next day I didn’t have anything to do… And the next day and the next day.  I spent weeks passing the time without a piano (long story); I watched the news around the clock. How many people were sick.  How many were dead.  It was incredibly sobering.  My escape from New York was having to go to Ballet West in Salt Lake City for a summer program that miraculously wasn’t canceled due to the great planning of Peter LaBreton Merz.  I had a wonderful time with Adam Sklute, Jane Wood, and I saw other old friends Chris McMillan and Chris Alloways Ramsey from the U.  I had a month of work planned at Pennsylvania Regional Ballet in July – which also happened! During that month, I knew I could not go back to New York. There was no job, I had given up my apartment, and the calmness of Pennsylvania was pulling at me.  In a short time, I found a lovely 2 bedroom house near my Dad’s house in Harrisburg, PA which I rented. This is where I am now, with a lot of free time to develop Balletrax and recording music for my friends in the World of Dance. I am excited to share all that I have been working on with you all.

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  1. Hello Steven,
    So inspired by your new website and the app! Will certainly recommend to all my colleagues and new pianists. NYC will come back to life, so enjoy rural tranquility while you can!
    With best wishes,

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