Among all the dance classes I accompany, I very much enjoy playing  beginning level ballet classes. As a pianist, the musicality of the children becomes my responsibilit and my opportunity to help them develop a musical sense. In this  project I had a chance to focus on those beginning level classes where  appropriate recorded music is very difficult to find. I teamed up with Mignon Furman, a teacher from South Africa who had a great reputation during her lifetime teaching ballet to young children. The barre exercises come in short, compact, exercises for the teacher to truly be able to break down the steps enabling the students to learn them precisely. The barre exercises are  repeated on the same track and the traveling exercises are fairly long.  The pieces chosen are also very interesting melodically, ranging from my custom made melodies, to classical, to “fun” (Too Much Mustard, The Clarinet  Polka, and Who Stole the Kishka). Several exercises are repeated at  different speeds.